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I fought computers, I should have started a few years earlier since i was in the electrical trades and i needed it for work my thinking i am going to retire and i do not need a computer however after retiring i suppose bored i told my son buy me what i need and he did so conservatively. i retired at the age of 66 and then worked another 5 years with my nephew .so it was 11 years ago that i retired from my main job . now eleven years later i am knowlegeable in photoshop and painter also applied magic and sony vegas . i went to the vocational school i took four courses in photoshop but my advise is Lynda.com i have a qualified instructor at my shoulder and at my convience. i got in the digital revolution at its infancy. today i am reasonably knowleageable complimented by a few people saying . i dont think i know a person in your age bracket with your knowlege. i study constantly at the age of 77 so 11 years of doing and studying i now feel i know a little. the main thing i enjoy it. i could not live without a computer.my advise to anyone- get with it - dont waste another day if i can do it you can do it. pertaining to site pictures unlike face book i have control ----if someone has a problem with a particular picture please tell me and i will remove it. i will even remove an entire alblum upon request .the intent here is to make my computer files available to family and friends and share.not to harm anyone. My opinion is that the concept is great and opens a level of family comunication that will benefit all. Now it is not my intent to put all my pictures on the site there are thousands i just choose randombly and again with equal consideration by random by a 77 year old man who wants to be fair. I talked about removal on the other hand if anyone wants a particular picture i will gladly accomodate thanks SKIPB32@YAHOO.COM GOOGLE IT AND ALSO GOOGLE SKIPB32 without the .com you might find something from u tube or other sites skipb32 to my grandchildren pop